Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keepin' Austin Weird (eventually)

You have no idea how happy I am that the semester is over. Truly, you cannot comprehend. I'm ready to graduate, man.

I'm back in Colorado for Christmas break--skiing and getting fat and not doing art, which is nice. I am trying to get a website up, though, because that's how you Get Jobs and Impress Your Friends (that should be a book title--I got dibs). 

I made this reductive linocut in a printmaking class for the final. The assignment was to make a poster that advertised a place. I did Austin because I think I want to move there when I graduate. If you know me from Texas, your'e probably falling out of your chair (probably not, but in my head I imagine people have strong reactions to my life) because I was quite anti-Texas in my high school days. But Austin is the artsy/liberal mecca of the state and besides, rent is cheaper than New York (I eventually want to end up in NYC). Also, there are food trucks everywhere in Austin, which is like food in other places but better. Food trucks are essentially why I want to move back, let's be real. 

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