Thursday, September 19, 2013

JT and the Whoever of Whatever

I'm super stoked to be in Nautilus's Fame issue this month! Nautilus is an amazing online and print magazine that focuses on science with a dash of pop culture. I had the honor of illustrating a great short story by Jaed Coffin about a (fictional) encounter with Justin Timberlake and the author's insight into the not-so-easy world of a pop star. I love drawing people (especially well-known ones) and immersing myself in their persona for a little while, so drawing JT was right up my alley. A lot of Suit & Tie and SexyBack was listened to while drawing this. That JT has come a long way from his N'Sync days, I tell ya. Thanks a whole bunch to super nice AD Len Small for the wonderful opportunity!  

Read the article and feel free to chuckle to yourself as you do so:

There are some sketches for you to look at. The middle one won. 

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